Do’s and Don’ts of Outdoor Activities?



Although outdoor play may appear risky, children need opportunities to play freely and explore outdoor play spaces. Allowing children to get to the next level of exploration helps them to test themselves and manage new tasks.


Sun Protection


Abide by sun protection policies –buy  sunscreens ready for your kids, hats and/or caps and suitable clothing. When you are out walking on a sunny day, you will notice most adults wearing a pair of sunglasses or any cool sun protection gears, but, surprisingly, not many children. Although it can be easy to give up on encouraging your kids to wear those, it is also crucial for their health to make this a part of your “going out” routine.


Parental Supervision

You as a parent, should still and cautiously look over your kids’ movements while being immersed in any activity or game. Be it around your backyard or to a playground nearby, make sure that you actively supervise children around water, heights, steps, fences, animals or small objects. This will keep them from any incident of accidents.



Knowing how to properly dress your kid’s clothing and footwear that is suitable for being active is a must for it plays an important role in keeping your active kid comfortable. Especially playing outside on a sunny day weather, kids need a flexible and dri-fit clothing and also a comfortable on-the-go shoes that would suit their active lifestyle.



Make sure your children drink plenty of water when playing outside, particularly in hot weather to avoid dehydration or in worst case scenario, a heat stroke.


Invest in a Good Pair of Shoes



Working out outdoors put a whole new level of strain on your kid’s knees and joints, that can lead to serious complications like blisters, back and leg pain, and foot deformities. Floors, especially floors outside like pavements, often do not have some sort of give or cushioning. Go for shoes that are functional, NOT just stylish!


Hop in!


Join in with children’s play and support them in outdoor play. Make sure that play is still led by children.


On final say, you as a parent should be encouraged to allow their children to participate in risky play, and be educated to understand that the benefits may outweigh the risks.